Arctic Miracles

This range uses the herbs and berries of the sub-arctic for bright and even skintone. In the Russian Far East and Orient, a flowering plant found by the cold riverbanks, wild angelica, is traditionally used to treat hyperpigmentation. Modern science shows that the wild angelica contains imperatorin, which reduces the levels of the enzyme, tyrosinase that produces melanin and causes hyperpigmentation. Wild angelica is also used in traditional Chinese medicine as medicine for inflammation and pain relief.

The bearberry is used in Europe, Alaska and Canada women for hyperpigmentation and its shrub resides in the mountainous regions of the sub-arctic. In European folk medicine, the bearberry is a natural diuretic that possesses antimicrobial properties and is used for urinary tract infections. Science has revealed that the bearberry contains arbutin, which inhibits the same enzyme, tyrosinase to prevent it producing melanin.