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  • Mineral Aegis

Mineral Aegis Liquid Lipsticks

Long lasting protective mineral liquid lipstick with brilliant colors.

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Long lasting mineral liquid lipstick with chia seed oil as inspired from the Aztecs. Formulated to seal moisture in lips whilst repelling air-borne water droplets. Mask friendly as tested on surgical masks.

Minerals, Chia Seed Oil, Hyaluronic acid spheres, Vitamin C
All types of lips.
Moisten lips with water and apply Mineral Aegis liquid lipstick to seal in moisture. Allow 10-15 minutures to dry completely. Remove with oil or make-up remover.


  • Protect your lips with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid Spheres and Chia Seed Omega-3s.

  • Repels airborne water droplets and aerosols that may contain pathogens and environmental nasties.

  • Long-wear and reduced transfer- compatible with mask wearing as tested on surgical masks.

  • Can be used as eyeshadow or blusher.

  • Acts like a seal to reduce water loss and prevent lip peeling. Best used with Watercream Lip Moisturizer and Primer.

  • Hide lip blemishes and enhances appearance.

  • Comes off easily with any cleansing or face oil, and leaves no color stain.

  • Customize your shade solutions with one Light shade and one Deep shade!

Science & tradition

Inspired by Aztec and Mayan traditions, whose people mixed herbs with minerals and stone for medicinal purposes. The chia seed superfood was highly valued in the Aztec and Mayan diet, and small amounts of chia seed oil was blended with mineral pigments for body and face paint.

High content mineral paste and metal salts have been shown to possess:

  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Viral inactivation properties.
  • Form a barrier to irritants and combat sensitivity.
  • Provide SPF protection.

Our lipstick formulation with hyaluronic acid spheres:

  • Trap moisture present in lips.
  • Repels airborne water droplets.
  • Prevents pigment transfer and are mask-friendly.

How to use

  • Allow 10-15 minutures to dry completely after applying. Remove with oil or make-up remover.
  • For all day long moisturization, apply Watercream Lip Moisturizer and Primer prior to Mineral Aegis Liquid Lipstick.
  • Customize you own shade by overlaying a Deep Vibrant shade with a Light Natural shade! Blot dry before applying Light Natural shade to reduce color transfer and mixing within the main lipstick product.
  • Suitable as eye-shadow and blusher.


All types of lips.

  • Stoneflower: Matt Nude
  • Frangipani Sparkle: Shimmery Pink
  • Hibiscus Jewel: Light Coral Red
  • Rafflesia: Matt Dark Red
  • Nightshade: Dark Purple Brown

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