5 Professional and Clinical Skin Care Brands in Singapore

Vanilla's Luxury includes Rock & Herb their lists of professional and clinical skincare brands

Skincare for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

Yes, a baby! This means new diets, new clothes, new sleeping positions... But what about skincare?

August 2019: Expat Living

The team at Expat Living reviews our moisturizers after a one month period of testing.

June 2019: 女友

近年来,洁净美容(Clean Beauty)的主张在护肤领域和社交网络上日趋流行。当中,Rock & Herb绝对是最亮眼超群的品牌之一。

June 2019: Her World

Meet Rock & Herb- the new powerhouse that fuses nature, science and tradition in its approach to beauty.

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